Friday, 25 February 2011

A Series of Posts.....

I was thinking, that while i was talking about the earrings i made last year, for uni, out of pierced silver, i might as well talk about the ring i made at the same time, for the same brief. It was also made from silver, also hand pierced, and inspired by Indian wedding culture. This time though, instead of using a painted silver backing (like i did with the earrings) i used a plain silver back,pierced silver front, and then in the middle sandwiched a piece of shimmering red fabric, and sewed the two sections of silver together with orange embroidery silk. Underneath i have posted a series of photographs showing how i made the ring, and why i used the colours and materials that i did. I have added each of these pics separately, so it may appear as if they are separate posts completely, but they aren't; it's just that i still can't seem to add two or more photographs without the site adding them back to front. This of course makes it impossible for me to write about a series of photographs  and for it to make any kind of sense. So i decided that the easiest thing for everyone would be if i just added each photo and description separately for now.So below are a series of six different photos showing the making of the ring, which will appear in a series of successive posts, just to make it easier for me to do and for you to read for the time being, untill i figure out differently. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.!?!

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