Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sewing The Ring Together

So after testing the pierced silver piece against dozens of background fabric samples, i went with a shimmery, deep/bright red fabric.I had originally intended to 'sew' this piece of red fabric sandwiched between the decorative front and a solid silver back piece with coloured, enameled wire. However, the fine wire could not take the strain of going  through all the holes,and kept snaping before it reached the end, no matter how careful and delicate i was about threading i,.so i ended up using embroidery silk.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

silver, Pierced Ring. Against Fabric Samples.

After cutting the design i thought i was happy with in copper, and deciding i liked the finished maquette, i then cut the piece in silver. I finished the design (which is the front piece of a ring, as mentioned earlier) by filing and sanding all edges. Unlike the silver earrings i made last time, i did not file and sand edges to make it  look 3-D, i just tidied them up (painstakingly though as always.I'm a neurotic perfectionist if nothing else!!) Then, i tried the finished front part of the ring on top of several colours and types of material to see which one i preferred, as i had planned to have a flash of colour behind the pierced pattern i had cut out of silver.Because in my brief i was inspired by bright, Indian wedding ceremony's, and also because it's my favourite colour, i choose a deep/bright red with a sheen to it. Pictured above are three of the many fabrics that i photographed my silver ring piece against.