Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Momento Mori

For my dissertation that i recently handed in, i wrote a section about Momento Mori which means 'Remember you will die', and was, in Victorian times, part of the culture, and prevalent in the fields of painting, jewellery, photography etc. and of which i gathered many photographs. I thought i would share one of them with you tonight. You wouldn't say that i've become obsessed with them, but, they are poignant and thought provoking. Whether you're disgusted or intrigued by pictures like this is up to you, but all i have to say is that i, personally,  am fascinated with all aspects of our culture, whether it be past, present or future.This picture is typical, in that the deceased, in the middle, was placed in a pose, between family members, looking as if still alive. Remember, though, that in this age when photography was a fairly new thing, many familys could only afford this one photograph, of a loved one,and therefore this picture was the only one, tangible thing that a person could remember their loved one by.

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