Wednesday, 2 March 2011

silver, Pierced Ring. Against Fabric Samples.

After cutting the design i thought i was happy with in copper, and deciding i liked the finished maquette, i then cut the piece in silver. I finished the design (which is the front piece of a ring, as mentioned earlier) by filing and sanding all edges. Unlike the silver earrings i made last time, i did not file and sand edges to make it  look 3-D, i just tidied them up (painstakingly though as always.I'm a neurotic perfectionist if nothing else!!) Then, i tried the finished front part of the ring on top of several colours and types of material to see which one i preferred, as i had planned to have a flash of colour behind the pierced pattern i had cut out of silver.Because in my brief i was inspired by bright, Indian wedding ceremony's, and also because it's my favourite colour, i choose a deep/bright red with a sheen to it. Pictured above are three of the many fabrics that i photographed my silver ring piece against.   

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  1. Lovely colours, they really compliment your beautiful work!x